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In order to provide you, and your human resource too, with an inspiring, motivational and challenging space, that proposes and generates an effective Transformation of Being, towards a creative, productive and efficient work environment, we want to invite you to enjoy our conference-workshop The 7 Powers of Personal Management and Its 21 Principles.


The 7 Laws of Human Existence

We understand that the mere fact of Being proposes a series of Internal and External Challenges, really inevitable that are there for the sole fact of existing. These laws require a total presence to face them efficiently and achieve our goals: Belief, Experience, Influence, Consciousness, Consequence, Resistance and Transcendence.


The 7 Fundamental Actions

Starting from The 7 Laws of Human Existence and the different aspects and schools of development and personal transformation, we can deduce that the awareness of our 7 Fundamental Actions, which we can define in Being, Feel, Want, Think, Know, Can and Do, allow us to design an effective path to our Purpose of Life and Ideal Reality.


The 7 Powers of Personal Management

Understanding The 7 Laws of Human Existence and The 7 Fundamental Actions we can show that we have been provided with powerful tools that we have called The 7 Powers of Personal Management; Love, Gratitude, Wisdom, Purpose, Commitment, Effort and Faith, which open the possibility of experiencing a complete life and from that "Certain Way" that outsources everything for which we have been created.


The 21 Principles of Personal Management

Each of the 7 Powers of Personal Management that we can learn and develop, requires a judicious and dedicated Execution Plan, which is designed from 3 Essential Phases for each of the tools or powers, which exist in everything implementation process; Start, Continue and Complete.


The 4 Dimensions and 7 Areas of Personal Growth

To work effectively and efficiently our 7 Powers or Tools of Personal Management, we must have a complete and integral vision of our being, from a Holistic Perception as a whole and not partial. Theologically we can say that we are Body, Soul and Spirit, and this is an irrefutable truth. For a greater understanding of the complexity of the Soul; we will divide it between the rational and the irrational, in other words the Emotional and the Mental, thus completing the 4 Dimensions or Planes of the Human Being; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical. From these 4 Dimensions we can see our 7 Areas of Personal Growth, which are interrelated: Relationships, Sexuality, Health & Wellness, Job and Career, Finance and Possessions, Social Impact and Spirituality.

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Andres Morantes

Coach, Consultant and Speaker

He is passionate about Entrepreneurship and Personal Development; considers that the human being has the potential to turn any Crisis into a great Opportunity. In addition to devoting himself to Photography, Consulting and Coaching, both for people and businesses, he has studies and experience in theology, ontological coaching, administration, leadership, communications, marketing and arts. His Holistic Perception of life, allows you to awaken a wide awareness about the different activities exercised by the Human Being.

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